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General school interships (ASP = Allgemeine Schulpraktikum) in Costa Rica

ASP Herbst 2015, Copyright: Wolf Gutzmer

In the spring and autumn of 2015, students from the University of Osnabrück traveled to Costa Rica for the first time in order to complete their general school internship. Thanks to this the existing cooperation with two Costa Rican schools will continue to expand. Students interested in an ASP in Costa Rica can contact the Costa Rica Center at any time in order to find out about the possibilities of arranging internships and financial support.



 ASP Information Event 20/07/2019(in German)

PPP Experiences with the ASP at Colegio Humanístico in Heredia, Costa Rica (in German)

Travel grants

The Costa Rica Center supports students, doctoral students and employees of the University of Osnabrück through travel grants for study and research-related stays in Costa Rica. Important information on the application and funding are summarized in the following document:

Information on how to apply for travel expenses at the Costa Rica Center (in German)