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Bilateral research and project activities between the Universidad Técnica Nacional in Costa Rica and the University of Osnabrück in the area of vocational education and training

On October 3rd in San José, the rector of the Universidad Técnica Nacional (UTN), Marcelo Prieto Jiménez, and the vice president of the University of Osnabrück, Thomas Bals, signed an agreement for future scientific cooperation in the vocational sector. The participants included the Costa Rican Minister of Labor Alfredo Hasbum Camacho, the deputy director of the International Labor Organization (ILO) Leonardo Ferreira Neves and the Director of the Centro de Formación Pedagógica y Tecnología Educativa at the UTN, Ricardo Ramírez Alfaro.

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DFG Workshop: Dealing with paradoxes in professional settings

From the 17 to the 19 of October 9 experts from Universität Osnabrück (UOS), Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) y Universidad Nacional (UNA) gathered to carry out a bilateral and interdisciplinary workshop financed by the DFG with the topic "Dealing with paradoxes in professional settings".

The workshop was held within the framework of the Costa Rica Center in the facilities of CONARE in San José. The objective was to create a proposal of an intercultural research project and present it to the DFG and CONARE.

The participating experts were: Dr. Juan Baraona (UNA), Dr. Jaqueline García (UCR), Dr. Mauricio Molina (UCR), Dr. Karsten Müller (UOS), Dr. Susanne-Müller-Using (UOS), MA Juan Carlos Rojas (UNA), Dr. Mariano Rosabal-Coto (UCR), Dr. Mario Solís (UCR) and Dr. Achim Stephan (UOS). The applicant institution is the Costa Rica Center of the Universität Osnabrück.

Inauguration of the first Costa Rica Center's branch office in Costa Rica

The official inauguration of the first Costa Rica Center's (CRC) branch office in Costa Rica took place on October 2nd, 2017. The office is located in the main building of the Consejo Nacional de Rectores (CONARE) in San José. Among the many participants was the scientific director of the CRC, Dr. phil. Susanne Müller-Using, together with the Vice-president of the University of Osnabrück, Thomas Bals. Other guests were the German embassador in Costa Rica, Ingo Winkelmann, the Rector of the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Julio Calvo in representation of CONARE, the representative of the CRC in Costa Rica, José Joaquín Chaverri, the director of the Centro Nacional de Computación Avanzada (CeNAT), Eduardo Sibaja, and the director of the PRIAS Lab from CeNAT, Cornelia Miller.

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Visit of Prof. Dr. Margit Eckholt to Central America

From July 19 to August 4, Prof. Dr. Margit Eckholt visited Guatemala and Costa Rica. In Guatemala, she participated in a series of lectures at the Universidad Mesoamericana of the Salesians on the subject of 500 years of the Reformation of the Catholic Church. Additionally, she attended talks at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica and the Catholic University of San José about the Latin American Congress on Educación Religiosa en clave de Interculturalidad. The activities were partly funded by the Costa Rica Center.

Seminar: El Español de Costa Rica

This seminar will be focused on the Costa Rican Spanish and its variations.

Furthermore, there will be an excursion to Costa Rica at the end of the semester.

Lecturer: Andrea Peskova

Seminar in Spanish

Seminar: Centroamérica Cuenta II

Seminar of Literary and Cultural Studies about Centralamerican literature.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. phil. Susanne Schlünder

Seminar in Spanish

Seminar: Central America and the US American Migration Politics in the 20th Century

The wall on the US-South border, which was one of Donald Trump's campaign promises during last year's US election, moved Latin American migration back into the spotlight of public attention. This is a great opportunity to reflect on the historical perspective of migration to the US. In the second half of the 20th century, Central America was characterized by civil wars, violence, poverty and lack of prospects, which forced and still forces many people to flee to North America. The seminar will focus on the history of migration from Central America as well as the changes in US immigration policy and its repercussions on the Central American region.

Lecturer: Dr. phil. Sebastian Huhn

Seminar in German

Campus Night of Osnabrück 2017

On Saturday June 10th, 2017, the Campus Night of Osnabrück took place. The Costa Rica Center was a participating institution of the University of Osnabrück.

Germany will provide 15 million euros for Costa Rica to mitigate and adapt to climate change

During the visit to Costa Rica, minister Barbara Hendricks, from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Reactor Safety (BMUB) of the Federal Republic of Germany, announced a strong support of 15 million euros for work on mitigation and adaptation to climate change in Costa Rica was announced.

Link (in Spanish)

Peace Talks 2017

Schooling and education have a high priority en Costa Rican policies. After the abolition of the armed forces in the constitution of 1949, it was decided that the military financing was going to be invested in schools and education. ¿Can Costa Rica be considered a model in Latin America for the development of a sustainable, humanist and social path?


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José Joaquín Chaverri Sievert is now the representative of the Costa Rica Center in Costa Rica

The Osnabrück University named retired ambassador José Joaquín Chaverri Sievert as representative of the Costa Rica Center in Costa Rica.

For more information please refer to the press release by the Osnabrück University: (in german)

Press release

Cooperation agreement between Osnabrück University and Tecnológico de Costa Rica signed

Dr. Julio César Calvo Alvarado, Rektor des TEC, und Dr. Susanne Müller-Using, wissenschaftliche Leiterin des Costa Rica Zentrums, bei der Vertragsunterzeichnung.

© Tecnológico de Costa Rica

At December 8th 2016 the cooperation agreement between Osnabrück University (UOS) and Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) was formally signed. Mr. Dr. Julio César Calvo Alvarado, Rector of TEC, received Mrs. Dr. Susanne Müller-Using, research director from the CRZ, in representation of Mr. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lücke, President of Osnabrück University, for this occasion in Tecnológico. Also present was, Mrs. Dr. Paola Vega Castillo, Vice-rector for Research and Academic Outreach of TEC. TEC is the eigth cooperation partner from the Costa Rica Center. Both sides look happily forward towards cooperation in research projects as well as in academic and student exchanges.

Article "TEC y Universidad de Osnabrück-Alemania firmaron Convenio Marco de Cooperación"

Costa Rican - German Days of Innovation in San José

© Costa Rica Zentrum

From the 6th through the 8th of December, thanks to the initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (FMER), two bilateral workshops took place in San José on the topic of “Science, Technology and Innovation” as well as on the topic of “Vocational Learning”. The Costa Rica Center participated with four main presentations during the “Days of Innovation” program. Together with its partner institutions from Costa Rica and the FMER/GOVET, accomplished a substantial contribution in the cooperation between Costa Rica and Germany in the area of Education and Research.  

Series of lectures "Entre las Américas"/ "Between the Americas"

© Grafik / Lutz Bette

The School of Language and Literature Studies and the Costa Rica Center invite to the interdisciplinary series of lectures "Entre las Américas"/ "Between the Americas" during the winter semester 2016/2017. International scientists will make an outline of Central America and the Caribbean as a geopolitical and cultural interstice situated between the hemispheres and that represents a hybrid structure featuring different types of cultural elements thanks to a dynamic overlap and confrontation of processes.


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