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Welcome at the Costa Rica Center!

The Costa Rica Center aims at the transdisciplinary, international and intercultural scientific exchange between Germany and Costa Rica. The Center is mainly devoted to the research on future-oriented, value-based, intercultural and social issues and tasks, focusing primarily on the following fields: teaching and education, peace, economy, environment, biodiversity and sustainability.

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Research with Balu und Du from the Osnabrück University (UOS)

The mentoring program Balu und Du at the UOS has published its 2017 Effectiveness Report (Wirkungsbericht), in which the Scientific Director of the Costa Rica Center, PD Dr. Susanne Müller-Using, has contributed with content on findings of the concluded comparative study about the University Teacher Training in Costa Rica and Germany with the topic: “From Pedagogical Knowledge to Empathic Action. An International Comparison of University Teacher Education Concepts” (Read more). Students from Balu and Du participated in the study.

To learn more about the organization Balu und Du, please visit their website.

Download: Wirksungsbericht 2017 (German)

Promotion of Business Soft Skills in the Vocational Training of Young Students at Technical Professional Colleges in the Province of Heredia, Costa Rica


The development of general professional skills such as communication and conflict resolution are, along with the transfer of subject-specific technical knowledge, a central component of the vocational training of students in Professional Technical Colleges of the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica. The project, initiated by the School of Administration of the Universidad Nacional (UNA), Costa Rica, in collaboration with the Department of Technical Education and Entrepreneurial Skills of the Ministry of Public Education, Costa Rica, addresses this need in professional technical colleges located in the province of Heredia, by promoting the development of relevant skills as part of the training program. "The first workshops were a great success and strengthened young people's knowledge of business soft skills regarding communication in the professional context," says Kattia Lizzett Vasconcelos-Vásquez, program coordinator of the School of Management of the Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica.

Together with a research team from the Institute of Psychology of Osnabrück University (UOS), a module of the training cycle focuses on the promotion of sustainable occupational competence as a key competence for students from professional colleges, in the private sector as well as in the entrepreneurial sector.

Furthermore, for quality assurance, the training cycle will be extensively evaluated with the help of the UOS team. In addition, recommendations for education policy will be deducted. The aim of the program is to equip participants with the necessary competencies to make successful contributions to a sustainable world in both, the professional and private sector.

Associated cooperation partners: Department of Technical Education and Entrepreneurial Skills of the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica; Kattia Lizzett Vasconcelos- Vásquez y Jinette Ugalde Naranjo from the School of Administration of the UNA; Prof. Dr. Karsten Müller, Dr. Regina Kempen and M.Sc. Shirin Betzler from the School of Psychology, Department of Cross-cultural Business Psychology of the UOS.

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Costa Rica: Research excursions, internships, seminars

Lecturers and students of the Institute of Romance and Latin Studies want to introduce you to cooperations and projects of their institute with the Costa Rica Center of the University of Osnabrück and with different Universities in Costa Rica and take you on a photo trip to bring you closer to the country, its people and its nature. For students, there will also be information about possible internships and research stays in Costa Rica.

CONARE & DFG: New Cooperation for Research!

Initiation of international cooperation between DFG and the Costa Rican National Council of University Rectors (CONARE)

Press release: Costa Rican-German Collaboration in Research

Further reading (German only): DFG nimmt Kontakt in Costa Rica wieder auf

Call for projects

International University Partnership Inaugural Event: San Jose, CR

The Costa Rica Center is happy to announce the successful inaugural event of the new international and interinstitutional partnership project "Values and Human Rights Education in Higher Teacher Education", funded by the DAAD, at the Universidad de Costa Rica - INIE on Tuesday, April 3rd. The partnership is composed of the Universität Osnabrück, the Universidad de Costa Rica and the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, as well as experts from the Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos - IIDH (Costa Rica), the German Institute of Human Rights - (GIHR) and Novamerica (Brazil). This inaugural event was initiated with the rich, informative and inspiring conference talk led by Novamerica's expert Susana Sacavino on "Education of Human Rights: Pedagogies from the South", fostering a rich discussion among academics and students alike.

The Center‘s Sponsors

The Costa Rica Center is sponsored by the Sievert Foundation for Science and Culture (Sievert Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Kultur), which has been supporting the University of Osnabrück and the country of Costa Rica for years. For further details on the Sievert Foundation, please visit their website.

Information on project proposals to the Sievert Foundation for Science and Culture in Costa Rica

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