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Welcome at the Costa Rica Center!

The Costa Rica Center aims at the transdisciplinary, international and intercultural scientific exchange between Germany and Costa Rica. The Center is mainly devoted to the research on future-oriented, value-based, intercultural and social issues and tasks, focusing primarily on the following fields: teaching and education, peace, economy, environment, biodiversity and sustainability.

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Kick-off for our Summer School "Facing the Future: Migration and Intercultural Dialogue in a Sustainable Society"

This year, the Costa Rica Centre is once again organising an inter- and transdisciplinary summer school under the title "Facing the Future". It is the continuation of the summer school "Facing the Future: Universal Values and Peacebuilding towards a cohesive and sustainable democratic society", which took place in Costa Rica in 2015.

On Monday (15.07), we welcomed ten students from Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala to the start of this year's summer school. Together with the participants from German universities, they will spend two and a half weeks scientifically examining current migration movements. With reference to Germany/Europe and Costa Rica/Central America, the aim is to explore from an interdisciplinary perspective the possibilities of the intercultural dialogue and to develop or strengthen the capacities of sustainable and cohesive societies.

The summer school is supported by the DAAD with funds from the Federal Foreign Office and the Sievert Foundation for Science and Culture.

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Costa Rica’s Ambassador visits the University

Lydia Peralta Cordero, ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica in Berlin since the 5th of November, 2018, visited Osnabrück on the 17th of May, and informed herself about current projects from the Costa Rica Centre of the University of Osnabrück. The ambassador came to Osnabrück invited by the Hon. Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolf Sievert, honorary consul of the Republic of Costa Rica in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

Together with the meeting with the member of the Costa Rica Centre there was a visit to the Gesamtschule Schinkel, as cooperation school with Costa Rica, and the ambassador wrote her signature into the Book of Honors after a reception by the first major Wolfgang Griesert.

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Visit from former ambassador mr. a. D. José J. Chaverri Sievert

The former ambassador and representative of the Costa Rica Centre, José Joaquín Chaverri Sievert visited the Costa Rica Centre on the 16th of May. He also had a meeting with Dr. Halbe, and with Ms. van Bers of the institute for environmental development. On that very same day he was welcomed by the vice-president of study and education of the University of Osnabrück, Prof. Dr. Martina Blasberg-Kuhnke. Apart from that Mr. Chaverri was present during the cooperation talks with the Prof. Dr. jur. Hans Schulte-Nölke and Prof. Dr. jur. Dr. h.c. mult. Christian von Bar. On the 17th of May he also took part in the reception of the ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica, and in the meeting with the members of the Costa Rica Centre.

© Costa Rica Zentrum/ Blasberg-Kuhnke

Current team at the CRZ

Current team at the CRZ

The restructuring of the interdisciplinary research centre Costa Rica Centre into a service institution with research centre and scientific advisory board was decided in 2018 by the presidium of the Osnabrück University. The initiated structural changes also led to some changes in the staffing of the Costa Rica Center. Nikola Götzl, M.A., in her function as provisional head of the Costa Rica Centre, is currently the contact person for all matters until the new head of the centre has been appointed. Prof. Dr. Martina Blasberg-Kuhnke is still the spokeswoman of the Costa Rica Centre. The two are supported by the student assistants Zoé Sánchez, Carlos Parra Fernandez and from May Meike Meyer. In addition, the Costa Rica Centre will welcome a new foreign language secretary in May. The representative of the Costa Rica Centre in San José will continue to be José Joaquín Chaverri Sievert, former Ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica. 

The Center‘s Sponsors

The Costa Rica Center is sponsored by the Sievert Foundation for Science and Culture (Sievert Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Kultur), which has been supporting the University of Osnabrück and the country of Costa Rica for years. For further details on the Sievert Foundation, please visit their website.

Information on project proposals to the Sievert Foundation for Science and Culture in Costa Rica

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