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Welcome at the Costa Rica Center!

The Costa Rica Center aims at the transdisciplinary, international and intercultural scientific exchange between Germany and Costa Rica. The Center is mainly devoted to the research on future-oriented, value-based, intercultural and social issues and tasks, focusing primarily on the following fields: teaching and education, peace, economy, environment, biodiversity and sustainability.

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Information event on internship in Costa Rica for students of the UOS

On January 31, 2020, a special information event was held for the students who will complete the General School Internship (ASP) in Costa Rica in spring 2020. During this information event, the director of the Costa Rica Service Centre, Dr. Alexandra Nitz, and the representative of the ZLB, Andrea Mochalski, gave organisational information for the stay abroad. The students were particularly impressed of the guest lecture by the Costa Rican Jorge Alfaro Figueroa, who gave information about culture and life in Costa Rica.

For the future ASP students, the big trip to the Central American country Costa Rica will begin at the end of February. The last preparations are in progress and we wish the students a unique and exciting stay in Costa Rica!

Summer School in Costa Rica "Biodiversity and Conservation in the Tropics"

In the following year, the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) will host a summer school on the subject of "Biodiversity and Conservation in the Tropics", which is aimed at foreign biology students.The summer school offers an approach to learn more about biodiversity and nature conservation, focusing not only on Costa Rica, but also on comparison with other regions of the world.

The program consists of lectures by professors and invited experts, in the last week a symposium with subsequent discussion takes place.In addition, within the framework of the summer school, two excursions will be realised to better analyse and understand the various biodiversity and nature conservation projects.

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Summer School in Costa Rica "Latin American Studies and Spanish as a Second Language"

In the following year, the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) will host a summer school on the subject of "Latin American Studies and Spanish as a Second Language" for foreign students.

The summer school offers an insight into Latin American culture and takes participants on a journey through their language, history, economy, politics and society. The course will examine and analyse social processes, literature, linguistic diversity, myths, values, prejudices, problems and challenges in order to better understand the meaning of cultural manifestations and their diversity.

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Costa Rica launches Global Climate Alliance for Nature Conservation

At a preparatory meeting for this year's UN Climate Change Conference in Chile, several states, including France, Finland and Gabon, formed a "coalition of strong efforts for nature and peoples" on the initiative of Costa Rica.

By the year 2030, the Coalition for Nature and Climate Protection wants to protect 30 percent of the world's land and sea areas in order to save and preserve our nature and ecosystems.
At the World Climate Conference in Chile in December, the aim was to win further states for support and as coalition partners.

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Costa Rica adopts law on dual professional training

Costa Rica is one big step closer to dual professional training. Back in August, the parliament passed the draft law on dual professional training in a second reading with a clear majority of 49 votes to 2.

This makes the adoption of the draft law all the more pleasing, as Costa Rica is thus laying the foundation for the establishment of dual professional training in the national education system. In addition, the adoption of the law on dual education can also be seen as a success for German vocational education and training cooperation, as the German Embassy and the Federal Government's Central Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training (GOVET) as well as other important German actors, which have been important advisory partners of the Costa Rican government.

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Costa Rica’s Ambassador visits the University

Lydia Peralta Cordero, ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica in Berlin since the 5th of November, 2018, visited Osnabrück on the 17th of May, and informed herself about current projects from the Costa Rica Centre of the University of Osnabrück. The ambassador came to Osnabrück invited by the Hon. Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolf Sievert, honorary consul of the Republic of Costa Rica in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

Together with the meeting with the member of the Costa Rica Centre there was a visit to the Gesamtschule Schinkel, as cooperation school with Costa Rica, and the ambassador wrote her signature into the Book of Honors after a reception by the first major Wolfgang Griesert.

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The Costa Rica Center‘s Sponsors

The Costa Rica Center is sponsored by the Sievert Foundation for Science and Culture (Sievert Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Kultur), which has been supporting the University of Osnabrück and Costa Rica for years. For further details on the Sievert Foundation, please visit their website.

Website of the Sievert Foundation for Science and Culture (in German)

Information on project proposals to the Sievert Foundation for Science and Culture in Costa Rica